Flailing Fast

A Startup Story

by Josh Cincinnati

“Common wisdom dictates that modern startups should fail fast and cheap. Until recently, common wisdom extolled the virtues of asbestos and eugenics. I’m uncommonly skeptical of common wisdom.” — An exceptional smart ass

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Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Dedication
  3. Cracking the Case Writer
  4. Meeting the Broken Businessman
  5. DCSTAF (Destroying Common Sense Through Acronyms and Frameworks)
  6. The Asocial Network(ing Event)
  7. A Serendipitously Stinky Scenario
  8. Farting in the Elevator Pitch
  9. Negotiating with Terrorists (Lawyers, Venture Capitalists)
  10. Growth and Bureaucracy: Destroying Fun, Creating Value
  11. A Silent but Deadly Market Shift
  12. Time to Flail Fast!
  13. Series F(*#$ Off)
  14. Truly Failing Fast
  15. Reassembling the Case Writer

Originally published: February 2012. Revised: February 2014.

Copyleft MMIV Josh Cincinnati