Who owns this nonsense?

Copyleft time!

The work is copyleft 2014 by Josh Cincinnati. Style sheet and design lovingly copied/modified from Mark Pilgrim’s DiveIntoHTML5 -- with all appropriate notices to that effect within the style sheet.

Creative Commons License

That's (not copy)right, copyleft! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

What that means in non-lawyer-speak: feel free to share/modify/make money off the text as you like, but attribute it to me (name, Flailing Fast website, and Twitter link please).

Just who is this asshat?

Originally, when I wrote “Flailing Fast” in 2011-12, I hid my identity to ensure that I could say anything. Since publishing this work, I’ve done a lot of healthy introspection, and some unhealthy introspection (protip: several dozen MRIs significantly increases your chance of cancer and sheds zero light on the abstract nature of what lies inside you). Today, I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t dissociate my creative work from my real identity, whatever the consequences.

So, in that spirit, my name is Josh Cincinnati. I have worked on my own startup and at various other places. I got my MBA at Stanford and received undergraduate degrees in Political & Social Thought and Mathematics from the University of Virginia. The last time I ever wrote something this long and unintentionally funny was my undergraduate thesis. I have an irrational fear of failure, which made writing this rather tricky -- I would, at times, start crying incoherently after editing chapters. I briefly considered using a comfortable, pseudo-scientifically approved shade of blue for the book’s typeface.

If you’re interested in discussing the book, I’m too lazy to put together anything remotely advanced on this site, so just use #FlailFast as the “official” Twitter hashtag, or follow/tweet/verb me at @ACityInOhio (if Twitter is around when you’re reading this).

Copyleft MMXIV Josh Cincinnati